luma surveillance cameras lifestyle

Taking Video to the Next Level

Grainy, jumpy video is typically the expectation for surveillance cameras. Luma Surveillance™ is different. With crystal-clear video in Full HD, you can see the finer details in life. You aren’t just capturing pictures, you’re capturing moments. From your child’s first steps to your dog’s shenanigans, with Luma, you’re able to record and playback the most important memories in your life.

Luma Surveillance Sense Up night vision

Nighttime? No Problem

Exceptional video quality shouldn’t be limited to a 9-5 schedule. Luma utilizes Sense-Up technology, which allows you to view nighttime video in full color.

Luma camera styles

A Style All Your Own

Sure, Luma video looks incredible, but the cameras themselves are pretty sleek too. A complete line of styles and colors fit seamlessly into any environment.

luma cameras durability commercial application

Made to Last

Built to defend against Mother Nature and potential vandals, Luma cameras keep recording in even the toughest conditions. With reliability in any space, HD capture and impressive storage capabilities, Luma cameras are up for the challenge.