Luma NVR DVR view recording

Easy Does It

When you want to watch your video, you’ll be met with a consistent, easy to use interface across all platforms. Rewind, fast forward, or take a snapshot with just the click of a button on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Luma DVR/NVR storage

Down-to-Earth Storage

Rather than relying on cloud storage, Luma utilizes secured local storage on hard drives. This allows for improved viewing quality that won’t hog your bandwidth. While cloud storage measures recording time in hours and days, Luma recorders can store weeks and months of footage.

Luma URC and system Automation

Automation with Ease

Discover the convenience of surveillance with Luma. When the doorbell rings, your TV instantly displays video of the front door, so there’s no surprises. You can even set your system to start and stop recording at pre-determined times, capturing moments you want, and avoiding footage you don’t.